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How to Temporarily Turn Off  Your McAfee Virus Protection

Mcafee anti-virus programs protect your computer files or data from malicious software that attempts to install itself without your knowledge. Unfortunately, it can get in the way of legitimate programs you are trying to install, so you may need to temporarily disable/turn off it from time to time by go to setting button. There is a different method of disabling/turn off the program depending on whether you are using the stand-alone McAfee virus scan software or you have the entire McAfee Security Center suite.When you are follow your McAfee User Manual Guide on how to disable/turn off your VirusScan or visit our Technical Team for Customer support.

  • McAfee security suite protects your sensitive data and business computers from most types of cyber attacks. 
  • Having the software enabled allows it to scan every file for potential threats to your computer and block files that contain malicious code. 
  • Sometimes, however, McAfee can also block a legitimate, clean file if it thinks it contains a virus. 
  • This is called a false positive. If you want to work with that file, you can disable the McAfee virus protection. 
  • McAfee resumes real-time virus protection automatically after a specified period of time.

Steps of Temporarily Disable/Turn Off Mcafee Protection:

Steps 1: Double-click the "McAfee" icon in the system tray to open the McAfee control panel.
Steps 2: Click the "Navigation" link in the top-right corner of the McAfee window to view the Navigation Center.Steps 3:  Click the "Real-Time Scanning" link to view the antivirus options.Steps 4:  Click the "Turn off" button to open the Turn Off window.Steps 5:  Select an option in the "When Do You Want to Resume Real-Time Scanning" drop-down box. You can select to resume in 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes, or resume when you restart your computer. If you select "Never," the virus protection feature will not work until you enable it manually.Steps 6:  Click the "Turn Off" button to turn off the protection. The "Your Computer Is At Risk" warning is immediately displayed, indicating that virus protection is not enabled.Steps 7:  Click the "Done" button and close the McAfee control panel.


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