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McAfee  Threats Predictions report sees increased cyber-warfare and espionage, along with new strategies from hackers to hide their tracks and steal sensitive data.
"Cyberespionage attacks will be continue to increase in frequency," the report said that. "Long-term players will become stealthier information gatherers, while newcomers will look for ways to steal money and disrupt their adversaries." McAfee said small nations and terror groups will become even more active and will "attack by launching crippling distributed denial of service attacks or using malware that wipes the master boot record to destroy their enemies' networks."
At the same time, cyber criminals will use better methods to remain hidden on a victim's network, to carry out long-term theft of data without being detected, the researchers said.
"In this way, criminals are beginning to look and act more like sophisticated nation-state cyberespionage actors, w…
How to protect against Ransom-WannaCry and other types of ransomware Ransom-WannaCry is a new variant of ransomware that has been detected in business environments. This threat is also known as WCry, WanaCrypt, Wanna Cry, and WanaCrypt0r. If you are a home user who uses McAfee's consumer products, you do not need to worry about this attack affecting your personal data. This is because Ransom-WannaCry spreads by using a flaw in the way that business organizations' networks allow PCs and other devices to talk to each other.

Also, up-to-date McAfee consumer software products protect you from this threat.
While Ransom-WannaCry mainly affects businesses and larger organizations, you should always be prepared for other types of ransomware attack by following these tips:Think before you click. If you receive an email that contains an attachment, think twice before clicking on it. If you were not expecting it or it looks suspicious, delete it, even if it appears to come from someone yo…
How To Protect Our Persional Computer Protect your home network from viruses ,spyware ,hackers and other online threats by installing your McAfee software now .
If you've already install your McAfee software on your PC ,you'll need more licenses.

Need More Licenses ?You should own on license for each PC you want to install your McAfee software on. To buy more license go to your My Account page , log in and click your products protect more PC's Link.
Follow these steps to protect your PC's .
1)Make sure you are reading this web page on the computer you want to protect .
2)Have your McAfee login iformation handy - this is the e-mail address and password you used the first time you registered your McAfee software .
3) Log in , accept the End User license Agreement ,and then start downloading and installing your McAfee software
McAfee Updates In ComputersHow do I update my antivirus program?
Keep your PC and laptops safe  and secure from virus attack is very dangerous and extremely important, especially if your computer is connected to the Internet. Antivirus software can help you  in maintaining your computer safe and virus -free, but only if you will able to keep its virus definitions up-to-date. Use the  various steps o to make sure that your antivirus program has the latest information about viruses that might attack your computer. Update through antivirus program The amount  of latest  antivirus programs  enable users to update their antivirus program through the software. Open the antivirus program and go  for "Update", "Check for updates", "Live Update", or something similar to it.  Some examples are given below  how a user can update their antivirus program. Microsoft Windows users running recent versions of McAfee can double-click on the Vshield icon in their Syst…
Activate McAfee Total Protection RetailCard Download
McAfee Total Protection Retail Card Activation
Activate McAfee Total Protection Retail Card gives an impressive protection against attacks from both viruses and spyware through its antivirus software.
It can also detect and get rid of other menaces like adware, malware and rootkits that might hinder your computer’s performance. The McAfee total protection is also used for the remove newly created threats.The activation of McAfee productcan supports all other operating systems and any other browser. McAfee Total Protection is a complete tool to protect your computer, your network, your family and your home network from other Internet threats McAfee Live Safe Activate.McAfee total protection antivirus  is the most widely used antivirus in the worldwide With thousands of new viruses created every day, relying on traditional security updates isn’t enough anymore.McAfee Total Protection instantly detects and blocks viruses just like mcafee …
How to redeem a McAfee LiveSafe retail card and activate your subscription Summary If you want to purchase any product card from store, you can redeem this card to download and install McAfee LiveSafe and activate your subscription. Solution 1: Redeem your retail card / Activate your subscription: Open a web browser and go to the link (URL) on your retail card.Select your countryand language from the drop-down menu.NOTE: While the registration page tries to select your region correctly, it might make an incorrect selection. Please confirm the information.Carefully enter the registration number from your retail card.Type your email address and click Submit.Ensure your email address is correct, and then click Verify.NOTE: If your email address is incorrect, click Edit to return to the previous screen, correct your email address, and then click Verify to continue. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a McAfee account and install LiveSafe. If you need help with the installation, see TS10183…
McAfee Alerts  and Security Threats Software purchasingcan seem like an impossible maze of products, versions, licensing schemes, prices and legal requirements. It can be costly and time consuming. IT Bus has the skills and resources to lead you through quickly and cost effectively. Get detailed, real-time information on the latest virus alerts, new malware, network security threats, and vulnerabilities, plus helpful security tools. Please see our links to the latest Viruses and Threats. Today’s security threats are more sophisticated and targeted than ever, and they’re growing at an unprecedented rate. Malicious URLs, viruses, and malware have grown almost six-fold in the last two years, and last year saw more new viruses and malware than all prior years combined. With the increased threat of criminals mining for consumer and corporate data, the efficiency of your Internet security must be a priority. With a global research footprint, McAfee Labs provides the most comprehensive Global Th…
McAfee Antivirus and Security app for Android and iOS is now free
McAfee, the Intel-owned IT security company, has announced that its McAfee Antivirus & Security app (known as McAfee Security app on iOS) will be free on Android and iOS platforms.
The McAfee Antivirus & Security app is now available for free on the Google Play store for Android and iTunes App Store for iOS.
The company claims that the move is targeted at making the security of mobiles and tablets powered by Android and iOS an integral part of the consumer experience.
McAfee quoted a recent mobile security trend report claiming that roughly 82 percent of apps track users' personal details, while around 80 percent of apps collected location details.
The McAfee Security app offers privacy features such as multi-user app profiles, app lock, app protection, call blocker and sms filter. Some of the anti-theft features offered by the app include Capture Cam, which can quietly click image of the person holding a user…
McAfee Securing Our Past and Future
How to keep ransom ware from human resources?
Ransom ware is not your companion. It’s is used to hide all there to take over your computer and business systems to obtain all the money from you. Keeping this wolf from your door takes some doing. The creep attacks come attached files to emails. When we opened, these attachments infact your computer or laptop turn up until you pay the pay-off demanded. According to McAfee Product, “Small scale businesses are usually lack of experienced computer protection thus making them very unsafe. An enormous majority, some reports by Intel say as much as 80%, of these small and average-scale businesses don’t employ data protection or email security.”
Impact of Ransom ware
In a 2016Osterman Research survey of 540 CIOs in four countries, 40% of the suspect said that their businesses had been attacked by the attackers. A total of 47% of those who were in the United States nation. Ransoms demanded ranged from $1,000 to mor…