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McAfee Installation Process

How to install McAfee  Virus Scan  student use windows 7,8,&10? 

McAfee  virus scan uses on access scanning to guard against all types of viruses and malicious code ,including new and unknown threats .Virus scan offers intrusion protecting to block viruses,worms,Trojans,and other malicious code that attempt to infect your systems. 
                     Easy to use and always on guard ,virus scan automatically .Keeps your protection up-to-date and lets users works uninterrupted .Virus scan is supported by McAfee Avert Labs-recognized as the  world's top threat research center.

Important Principal

Be sure that you DO NOT have any other active antivirus program running on your computer before installing McAfee Virus Scan. Running any two virus protection programs will result in the two of them fighting over resources, making the computer slower and potentially making the computer crash while running typical applications.

Installing McAfee Virus Scan on Windows

1. From the's McAfee Virus Scan page, download McAfee Virus Scan 8.8 for Windows Student Use.
2. Open the folder where the zip file downloaded to. Right click on the downloaded zip file and select the Extract All command.
3. Enter the newly extracted folder, and open the folder called "McAfee_Virus Scan_8.8".
4.  Run the SetupVSE.exe program to install McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise ver. 8.8 on windows 7.  If you're using Windows 8, run the SetupVSE_Win8.exe instead.

5. There will next open a prompt to start the installation process. Click the Next button.

6. The User License Agreement will come up next. Here, change the "license expiry type" to Perpetual. Then click I accept the terms in the license agreement if you agree to the statement. Then click the Okay button.

7. Make sure the "Setup Type" is Typical. Then click the Next button.

8. Make sure the "Protection Level" is Standard Protection. Then click the Next button.

9. You are Ready to Install! Click the Install button.

10. When the installation is complete, leave the Update Now box checked, but unchecked the Run On-Demand Scan box. Then click the Finish button.  The updates can take a long time, let them finish because they are very important.

11. When updates complete you will be asked to restart your computer to activate all of McAfee Virus Scan's services. Click the OK button and RESTART THE COMPUTER to activate the full services of the product.
12.  McAfee Virus Scan will now run automatically on startup, with its real time on-access scanner.  You should run the on demand scan after restart.


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