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How to redeem a McAfee Live Safe retail card
How to redeem a McAfee Live Safe retail card and activate your purchased. Firstly, If a product card is in-store taken by you, you can activate this card to download and install McAfee Live Safe and activate your subscription. Solution 1: Redeeming your retail card / Activating your subscription: Open a web browser and go to the link (URL) on your retail card.Select yourcountryand languagefrom the drop-down menu.NOTE: While the registration page tries to select your region correctly, it might make an incorrect selection. Please confirm the information. Carefully enter the registration number from your retail card.Type your email address and click Submit.Ensure your email address is correct, and then click Verify.NOTE: If your email address is incorrect, click Edit to return to the previous screen, correct your email address, and then click Verify to continue. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a McAfee account and install Live Safe. If you …
McAfee Activation
How to Install McAfee Security Protection ?
Use the following steps to Install the McAfee Security 
INSTALLATION FOR McAfee ACTIVATION ·Open your web browser and go to     Click My Account, Sign In.·Under Log in to McAfee, type the email address and password that you used when you created your McAfee account, and then click Log In.·NOTE: If you do not have a McAfee account, click Register Now under are you a new user? And follow the prompts. Log in when your account has been created. If you want the website to remember your user name in the future, select Remember Me.·From the drop-down menu, select the McAfee software you want to install. (You can select a McAfee suite, or additional products.)·Select the device type in the drop-down menu, then click Download.·NOTE: You can also select additional protection products.·Read the License Agreement, and continue to download and install your McAfee software. If a serial number is shown, make a note of it because you might be …
McAfee Antivirus
Dangerous hole found in McAfee ePO antivirus central management suit

Intel Security’s McAfee has released a patch for a very  critical SQL injection flaw in e Policy Orchestrator or ePO, its admin console used to manage software and antivirus on tens of millions of enterprise devices worldwide web. Cisco’s Talos security team has been  disclosed details of the issues in  today life, warning that anyone has on the web can send a specific  crafted HTTP POST in an SQL query that causes an ePO database to spill enough information to profile users or monitor IT infrastructure. “An attacker can use any HTTP client to trigger this vulnerability,” Talos researchers said. ePO is used by 30,000 enterprise customers worldwide, and is responsible for keeping 60 million devices secure, according to McAfee. McAfee has given the bug the highest CVSS v3 Base score of 10.0, noting that the bug is not complex to exploit and doesn’t require user privileges or interaction. Affected products inc…
McAfee Installation Process
How to install McAfee  Virus Scan  student use windows 7,8,&10? McAfee  virus scan uses on access scanning to guard against all types of viruses and malicious code ,including new and unknown threats .Virus scan offers intrusion protecting to block viruses,worms,Trojans,and other malicious code that attempt to infect your systems.                       Easy to use and always on guard ,virus scan automatically .Keeps your protection up-to-date and lets users works uninterrupted .Virus scan is supported by McAfee Avert Labs-recognized as the  world's top threat research center.

Important Principal
Be sure that you DO NOT have any other active antivirus program running on your computer before installing McAfee Virus Scan. Running any two virus protection programs will result in the two of them fighting over resources, making the computer slower and potentially making the computer crash while running typical applications.

Installing McAfee Virus Scan on Window…
McAfee Internet Security
The new McAfee Internet Security software 2017 provides comprehensive PC and identity protection to keep users safe from online threats. And also shields them from risky Web sites. It offers antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing and two-way firewall protection. Additionally, it includes anti-spam, parental controls, 1 GB of online backup and Site Advisor, a powerful Web site safety advisor. So consumers can safely surf the Web.
McAfee Internet Security Trusted antivirus and identity protection for your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets

With thousands of new viruses created and built in everyday of our life, relying on traditional security updates isn’t enough anymore. That’s why we added McAfee Active Protection technology. This exclusive feature instantly analyzes and blocks new and emerging threats in milliseconds so there’s no gap in your protection.